64 Bit / Blue Tooth / 8 Channel

Thermal Profiler Set with 8 Channels for Temperature Recording in Reflow Ovens, Wave Soldering or curing ovens (IR and UV).

This high quality recorder is specifically designed in-line temperature tester for both wave-soldering machine and reflow-soldering machine and can perform both wave-soldering and reflow-soldering operations. Its sampling ratio is between 0.065S/channel and 15.9s/channel. The Bluetooth model allows to analyze continuous measurement throughout the process. It can work in multiple-channel and in-line way, thus preventing the trouble with off-line analyzer. Accordingly, they are widely used in measuring both PCB mounting and inserting operations and also to draw temperature profiles in other industries.


Aluminum-alloy housing for fast heat dissipation.

Excellent workmanship and exquisite appearance.

Good, stable and precise measurement.

Integrated heat preservation box and vehicle.

Far-distance Bluetooth data transmission.

Simple and practical operating interface.

Large-capacity anti-explosion Lithium batteries which can eliminate memory effect.

CLASS 1 industrial-purpose Bluetooth data transmission.